Military Vehicle Collectors Club

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 Polar bears colluding with Russians.  

JohnKolanchick.jpg    NY-Penn member John C. Kolanchick passed away peacefully Monday, September 10, 2018. John's memorial service will be held September 29th from 5pm to 7pm at the Knox Fire House. Condolences to family and friends. 

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10-18-18 Steve McQueen's Jeep, see top of 'in the news' tab

10-28-18  More photo's of A Company's vehicles in the'New Photos' tab.

11-12-18 World War 1 Liberty Truck, see 'In the News' tab

NY-PENN Military Vehicle Collectors Club was formed in 1986 so military vehicle owners can share the experience of restoring, maintaining, and displaying classic military vehicles.

NY-PENN covers 3 regions-
Hudson - Mohawk Company - Albany area 
Easy Company -  Syracuse and Finger Lakes area
A - Company - Binghamton and N.E. PA area 

The roving company meetings are fun and informal. There is always free food, interesting vehicles and good company. Get information about the upcoming events and answers to all your restoration and maintenance questions.
NY-Penn President: Ralph Richter 
Contact: see the 'Company Meetings' tab> Easy Co> 



 DAVE POZZI   1963-2011

(Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum) 

Drunk and disoriented, NY-Penn members xxxx and xxxxx were seen trying to fire Aberdeen's inert 16" Coastal Gun.  


Treasurer: Angie G.

Scott demonstrates how tankers save ammo