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 Colluding with Russians Ukrainian polar bears

Update #2 CNN has revised its story. They now claim this photo is NOT Russian secret agent Donald Trump in a polar bear suit receiving instructions from Putin via an apple with a secret compartment. They have an anonymous source that said that someone heard someone else say this photo shows Trump on the left, after he illegally parked his Russian tank in a no parking zone at a mini mall somewhere in the Ukraine !! The source added that feeding polar bears is illegal and that the apple was stolen from a nearby food bank for needy children. Based on these facts impeachment procedures are now under way.

9-18 Chad's Sept newsletter is now available.

10-2-19  WWII B-17 Crashes in CT, see link, 'In the News'.

10-2-19 Apparently Chad's extra nice deuce and half has been sold. The link for his ebay auction is 'In the news' tab.

10-4-19  Bill provided 2 photos from Gilbert and one from his trip to DC. See the 'new Photos' tab.

10-9-19 Another link added "In the News".

NY-PENN Military Vehicle Collectors Club was formed in 1986. It's mission- to help vehicle owners get together and share the experience of restoring, maintaining, and displaying retired military vehicles.

The roving company meetings are fun and informal. You will find free food, good company and interesting vehicles in an environment free from rap music. Get information about upcoming events and answers to all your restoration and maintenance questions.

NY-PENN covers 3 regions-
Hudson - Mohawk Company - Albany area 
Easy Company -  Syracuse and Finger Lakes area
A - Company - Binghamton and N.E. PA area 
NY-Penn President: Ralph Richter 
Contact: 315-682-five178 or email link below. 
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CONTACT: Website Editor - Jim G.

CONTACT: NY-Penn President - Ralph R.


 DAVE POZZI   1963-2011

(Aberdeen Proving Ground Museum) 

Drunk and disoriented, NY-Penn members xxxx and xxxxx were seen trying to fire Aberdeen's inert 16" Coastal Gun.  


Scott demonstrates how tankers save ammo


Brant's M151A1 and Lorne's M38A1 at 3 Rivers


1972 AM General M813A1


 Lockheed P-38 and two DUKW's



2007, Cobleskill NY, Wings Wheels and Tracks