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M4 Sherman owner's crazy blonde date goes bonkers after booze (and cocaine??) (Heavy.com)

M4 Sherman vs HOA Google street view

Homeowner association vs M4 Sherman tank in front of multimillion-$$ home (Fox)

Tank collector finds £2 million gold bullion in the fuel tank of his £30,000 vehicle (The Sun)

Guy Trades For Tank On eBay, Finds $2.5 Million In Gold Hidden Inside (Bearing Arms)

Army Still Testing Ripsaw, a commercial "Luxury Super Tank" wannabe (DefenseTech)

WWII PT boat makes triumphant return to the water (Fox)

Steuben + Warren Co have mine-resistant vehicles, Ostego has armor...(NY Times) 1033 program

In military collectibles, supply often falls short of demand (Fox)

Possible new Jeep pickup, concept vehicles... (USA Today)

History of them Jeep in Pictures (FOX) laughable mistakes

The 100th Anniversary of the Tank (Breitbart)

Vietnam War quiz, 35 questions, multiple choice (Zoo.com)

Nightclub owner crashes "tank" into building, technical failure (Daily Mail)

Classic military vehicles a collecting bargain? (FOX)

Moped rider killed by DUKW in Boston (Daily Mail)

Philadelphia DUKW kills distracted pedestrian (NYDailyNews.com)

Photos WWII SeaBees 3 pages (The Vintage news)

Color film shows US Marines in action (Daily Mail)

Seattle DUKW update (SeattlePI)

World War II-era tank explodes on Oregon gun range (ktvz)

DUKW tour vehicle collides with bus (Daily Mail)

Germany: WW2 Panther tank seized from pensioner's cellar (BBC)

Second World War tank and anti-aircraft gun found hidden in basement of villa in Germany (The Telegraph)


Historic tanks in pictures (FOX)

No bed of roses: British tank crashes into elderly couple's garden (FOX)

Pearl Harbor jeep stolen from Imperial War Museum Duxford (BBC)

Man killed by a WWII tank during family reunion (Daily Mail)

Surplus military Humvees heading to the highway? (FOX)