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Keep the old Military Vehicles rolling.


MARCH 2, 2019     Red Ball Military Transport Club -WINTER SWAP MEET- MOUNT BETHEL, PA, 9 AM - 4 PM.


Roast beef & chicken entrees with vegetables - wine - assorted beers
and a variety of homemade desserts! ...all served buffet style
Spouses & significants welcome to this free social event. Everyone
attending to bring at least one item to be auctioned off (does not have to
be MV related; crafts, tools, produce or baked items fine; couples can
bring larger joint item too). All proceeds to go to the Homefront for
their generosity and service throughout the year. What a fun way to
start the Christmas Season!

Please RSVP to Bob M. email- ironvets (at) gmail.com /or phone: 518-81 zero-6224 (before midnight November 27) 


                 Benefit for Sherman Day

On June 10th our friend and NY-Penn member Sherman Day was badly injured in a tragic car
accident. While on the long road to recovery, NY-Penn Military Vehicles Collectors Club hosted a breakfast and lunch event on July 22nd at the Home Front Café, Altamont, NY to assist the family.



 UPDATE from Bob M.

A HUGE thank you to Jack & Mark of the Homefront and their VERY accomodating staff for allowing us to put on the fund raiser today. We not only had most of our members show up, roll up their sleeves, and help but we had a large contingent from Syracuse (including the Prez!) and Binghamton as well. Some even recruited additional friends that also helped. It was a long day, but fun and productive. As they say, you can't keep a good man down and with thanks to Lorna and Jackie, Sherman was able to make an appearance. It was great to see him out even if he wasn't wearing dancing shoes (yet).

We fed over 100 for breakfast alone and with lunch and donations netted over $3,000. Lorna will be passing along the cash when she takes Sherman to the hospital Tuesday and the donations made to NY-Penn will be reconciled with Angie by Stephanie to be forwarded when available.

It was a group effort all can be very proud of. I will also say you will never likely see that many NY-Penn members in aprons in this lifetime. It was a sight to behold! Thank you!!! Bob


John, Jackie, Sherman, Bob M. and ? (CClock from left)



Jack Pollard, Sherman, Jackie and John Tennis (CClock from left)




2014 Watchfire, Syracuse  



2014 Watchfire, Syracuse 



 2013 Memorial Day Parade, Baldwinsville



Washington PA Veteran's Day Parade invite - download .PDF file